Sky Pro® Window Cleaning System introduces a smaller, more affordable automated window and building washing solution for window cleaning services and commercial building owners.


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Now there is a safe and inexpensive way to clean the windows, frames and exterior of buildings. It's called the Sky Pro® Window Cleaning System, and it's a technological breakthrough in automated window and building washing equipment.The newest model, Sky Pro Mini™ System, is a smaller more nimble version of the Sky Pro® Window Cleaning System. It's completely portable and ideal for cleaning windows on small and mid-height buildings. This makes it the perfect size for buildings from 3 to 25 stories.

The Sky Pro Mini's 40-inch self-cleaning quick-change brush cleans effectively while being gentle to all surfaces. The brush uses finger foam technology that keeps grit and dirt from becoming embedded in the brush. Optional on/off end brushes get into the inside/outside corners for a thorough clean. A dual motor design has one motor at each end of the brush bar. This design maintains brush torque and speed to assure an even cleaning motion. The unit cleans the whole building at a variable speed up to 30 linear feet per minute, translating to 25,000 square feet per day. It uses less than half a gallon of deionized or reverse osmosis water per minute and leaves a spot-free clean without chemicals.

Details Cleaning Path Width: 40 inches
Electrical: Lithium-Ion batteries
Building Height: 3 to 25 stories
Speed: 150 sq feet/min
Water Usage: Less than 0.5 gal/min