The only robotic lawn mower that covers up to 30,000 sqm without installation and with centimetre-level precision! Ambrogio L400 is designed for very large areas, such as parks, golf courses, airfields and football fields, providing precision mowing in the shortest time possible. The three models of the 400 Line (B, Deluxe and Elite) perfectly combine high technology and efficiency, they have an attractive design and are amazingly lightweight thanks to the special carbon fibre casing.

Your garden free and perfectly shaved for more than 19 hours a day!


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Differential GPS

the system allows the robot to cover large areas without the need for a perimeter wire, with centimetre-level cutting precision. The robot can move autonomously by remembering the areas that have already been mowed

Cutting System "Prederminated Path"

a map can be defined at the time of installation which allows the robot to generate paths and parallel lines to cover the mowing area in the shortest time possible

High efficiency brushless motors

wheels and blade brushless motors not only have a longer life-span and need less maintenance than ordinary motors. They also feature lower noise-levels, and lower energy-consumption

Carbon housing

lightweight and robust carbon casing

Eco Mode

to detect the lawn that has already been mowed and reduce the working hours for the benefit of the lawn and robot

Bluetooth receiver

to transfer software updates from Smartphone/Tablet to the robot and to use the “Ambrogio Remote” App from IOS and Android

Touchscreen remote control

the tablet supplied with the robot comes with a Motion Control system that allows the operator to guide the robot with a simple hand movement

SMS Alert

daily report with any error messages

Spiral cut

in case of higher and/or thicker grass in an area of the garden, the robot automatically activates the spiral movement for a perfect finish

Push & Stop button

the button positioned on the housing allows stopping the robot and blade at any time

Manage up to 4 areas

allows 4 different areas to be cut. You define which and how much. The robot reaches the area by itself – through narrow passages, along driveways and by crossing yards. It also self-programs the work according to the specific area

84 cm blade

three star-shaped blades (4 edges) in stainless steel that provide a total mowing width of 84 cm. Two out of three are arranged on pivoting arms that allow you to mow even on uneven surfaces

Max suggested (-20%) 30.000
Motor type Brushless
Battery Lithium-Ion Battery (25,9V)
Battery capacity 60Ah
Max allowable slope (%) 45%
Max Slope (%) 35%
Slope on the edge or perimeter wire (%) 20%
Average working time +-20% 11:00
Recharge mode Automatic
Cut “Smart Partitions”  
Cut “Predeterminated Path” Yes
Blade type 4 point star blade
Cutting width 84
Cutting height 25-85
Cutting system differential gps
Spiral Cutting -
ZGS sensors (Grass-Drop off) -
Eco Mode Yes
Rain sensor Yes
Maximum managed areas No limit
Connect Module (GPS, GSM) -
Encoder/ Inclinometer/ Gyroscope Yes
Compass System Yes
Display Yes
Bluetooth receiver Yes
Bluetooth Tablet Yes
SMS Alert Yes
Level of protection IP21
Lifting/Tip-over sensor Yes
Push/Stop emergency Button Yes
PIN Code Yes
Perimeter Wire (Mt) Not Necessary
Fixing nails Not Necessary
Charging Station Yes
Cover Recharging Base Optional
Robot Dimension (lxpxh) 1200x970x380
Weight with Batteries Incl. (Kg) 49,0
Power Sound - db(A) 75-65