NEMH2O CLASSIC 365 days a year of autonomy. WITHOUT phi- The first real robot for cleaning swimming pools completely wireless. This is the real news: the SAFE CHARGING IN WATER - NEMH2O remains in water for recharge induction.


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Limitless effectiveness

NEMh2O adapts to any surface, both horizontal and vertical, and it is effective for all types of bottom surfaces. It moves in small and large pools, with smooth or rough surfaces without any problems, even in the presence of corners,bends and steps.

Unprecedented reliability

NEMh2O was designed by maximizing the latest technology in order to ensure maximum efficiency and effectiveness in the complete absence of noise.

Easy installation and programming

NEMh2O can be installed in 4 easy steps: robot activation with the first charge; positioning of the charging station (under water for existing pools, retractable for pools under construction); programming of the settings; immersion of the robot in the pool.

Total safety

NEMh2O remains in water at all times and it recharges itself in complete safety even while you are into the pool. Charging occurs only when the robot is connected to the base station.

Maximum Pool Length (mt) 12
Speed on bottom Surface (mt/min) 8 - 12
Speed on Walls (mt/min) 8
Maximum Pool Depth (mt) 10
Filter 2 Lt, 0.5 mm
Turbines 2
Motor type Brushless
Trasmission Magnetic Joints “no oring”
”holeless shell”
Lithium-Ion battery (25.9 Volts) 13.75Ah
Charger 186W
Inductive Charging 4A
Charging Mode Automatic
Average Charging time 3:30
Average working time +-20% 2:00
Robot weight – Incl. batteries (Kg) 21,0
Robot Dimensions (mm) 410x460x320h
Water protection class Robot and Recharger IP68
Battery Charger IP64
Out of water Sensor Yes
Gyroscope, Encoder, Inclinometer Yes
Bluetooth Receiver Yes