A robot vacuum cleaner so perfect for promotion. Mamibot ProVac is widely used as promotional items in super markets, or by companies as promotional gifts. It is super simple, super thin, super easy operating and super cost effective.


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As simple as possible

The little Mamibot ProVac is super slim, which is only 5.0cm high. With a side brush and a main brush, it does good job when cleaning. One key touch to clean, without any complicated programs, it performs indeed stable.

Works on multiple floors

Though it is not big, Mamibot ProVac works on multiple floors including wooden floor, marble floor, cement floor, carpet, and tile.

Big detachable mopping pad

The Provac has a mopping pad and two mopping cloth by the bottom. Washable mopping cloth helps a lot for cleaning dust and dirty spot on hard floor specially.

Big dust box of 600ml

Mamibot ProVac has a dust box of 600ml, which is double size of some so called high end cleaners. You may not need to be worried about empty the dust box so frequently.

Adapter: AC110-240V

Working Time: 60 min

Battery: 1500mAh Ni-MH

Charging Time: 6 hours

Dust Box: 600ml

Warranty: 1 year