Mamibot UVLITE100, new designed cordless mattress cleaner to remove dust mites, pollens, and common bacteria, kills 99.99% mites with patented U-Type UV lamp. It is necessary if you want a real healthy and comfortable family.


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Mites are bad to your life

Do you know that there are MILLIONS of mites in one single mattress? What? That is really horrible. What's more, dust mites and their waste are the main causes of allergy and asthma symptoms. Also every animal including human being releases a lot of skin rashes that may hide on your bed, sofa, floor, and even in the air.

And Mites are really disaster if you are allergic

No matter if you are adult or a child, or a baby, allergy symptoms like runny nose, sneezing and coughing will be annoying your life seriously. That will disrupt your ability to breathe easily and cause sleep disruptions. Skin rashes are also a common symptom.

UVLITE100 is a great helpers

The 9W UV Lamp can kill 99.99% mites, and with 4KPA suction power to get rid of the hard-to-clean materials. The high-precise filter and hepa filter help it to release clean air, avoid second time pollution.

There are reasons for UVLITE100 to help you

Cordless design - Strong flapping speed - Strong suction power - Quite when working - U-Type UV lamp - Longer duration

Manufacturer: Mamibot
Model description: UV Lite 100
Battery: 2200 mAh
Working Time: 25-30 min
UV Lamp: 9W
Dust Box: 0.5L
Vacuum Power: > 4Kpa

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