Domestic and Commercial Robots

In 2010 we entered in the market with Navigation and Fleet Management systems. Over the period, we diversified and started Domestic & Commercial Robotics in 2014. Since then, we own the Tag “The 1st & Only Indian Enterprise” in this commercial sector. The recognition matters-For successfully implementing Robots in Facility Management with Business Leadership in Innovative Business Commodities we are Awarded by Computers Society of India in 2018 and Indian Achievers Forum in 2021. There are 8 different types of Robots in the market, the list includes Robot Grass Cutters, Robot Swimming Pool Cleaners, Robot Glass Cleaners, Robot Vacuum Cleaners, Robot Water Tank Cleaners, Robot Air Duct Cleaners and Robot Façade Cleaners. We feel delighted when we are counted 6th in the World and 1st in India to start producing Robot Façade Cleaners which is 100% Indian Origin product. read more

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