IndiBOT-SkyWASH Robot Facade Cleaner

All over the World Real estate companies and cleaning companies are looking for automated systems to clean the facades automatically. Due to very rare availability of automated systems Cleaning Industry is bound to follow Decades old cleaning technology where Spidermen/Cradles carrying human hang on the buildings for cleaning job. Traditional system is not only Life Threatening but also it attracts huge cost. There are several reasons like expensive manpower, low availability of manpower, very low output, high insurance charges, safety norms compliance etc. which make the overall maintaining cost be very higher. More and more modern architecture is making the cleaning more challenging. Designers are focusing more on designing without considering the aftermaths of the cleaning.

 Since 2018 we were working on a solution which can overcome most of the challenges as mentioned above. #IndiBOT SkyWASH series of Automatic Façade Cleaners from Pal N Paul Incorporation is the 1st ever innovative offering to Façade Cleaning Industry from Indian company which is going to make facade cleaning job easy. There will be no-one hanging on the façade for cleaning. #IndiBOT SkYWASH design makes it an ideal Robot which can be used on multiple buildings. This feature makes #IndiBOT a favorable choice for both Real Estate as well as Facility Management companies. Whole system is mounted on the terrace, it is divided in 5 major parts i.e Movable Outrigger, Cleaning Unit/Hanging unit, Water Supply System, Guide Support System and Control Panel. System is equipped with Live View Cameras which help to keep eye on cleaning. Operator can also record pre and post cleaning videos upon requirements.

 #IndiBOT SkYWASH uses RO/Soft Water to wash the façade and wiping brush wipes over the water. After drying there will be ultra-shining façade. Another biggest advantage of #IndiBOT is that it can be used at any type of façade material like Glass, Tiles, Marble, ACP Sheets, Other panels, and cemented facades as well.

 #IndiBOT SkyWASH uses latest obstacle sensors and other sensors to make it accident free. It automatically stops when it experiences any object on the façade while coming up and going down. Operators are provided many more options on the control panel those can be selected depending upon cleaning conditions.

 #IndiBOT SkyWASH is 100% designed and made in India. #IndiBOT is price at least 35% cheaper from the global competitors. We can customize the whole system depending upon the requirement.

There are some Robotic solutions available in Europe and America, but these also have their own limitations. Commercially they are placed at very higher side. They cannot clean all type of buildings due to different kind of façade designs and roof designs. Second major reason is these Robots cannot be customized to make them compatible upon requirement. In some cases, if manufacturer agrees for customizing, price increase becomes another barrier for the commercial adaptability.

 Our offering of #IndiBOT SkyWASH Automatic Façade Cleaner is the  1st ever offering from India for Global Façade Cleaning Industry and Real Estate Companies.

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