All Robot Façade Cleaners

There is a considerable increase in the number of skyscrapers in the world due to modernization of building construction technology. Current maintenance work for high-rise buildings mostly uses conventional ropes and scaffolds that pose a high risk of accidents and exhibit poor performance and efficiency. There is a demand to develop an automated cleaning system that can reduce accidents and improve the maintenance efficiency of the conventional high-rise building façade maintenance systems. IndiBOT Robot Facade Cleaners Systems are 100% designed and produced in India considering tough usage and environmental conditions. We have launched Contactless Cleaning system which uses Contactless Cleaning methodology. IndiBOT SkyWASH Series of Robots are designed and produced considering compatibility with almost all kind of buildings. Each building is unique in itself, we can customize the IndiBOT Robot Facade Cleaners if building design requires us to do it. In-House production systems can make the Robot compatible to use with existing BMU of the building, if previously installed. For more details about IndiBOT Robot Facade Cleaners please visit the individual product section.