All Robot Grass Cutters

Grass plays a very important role in the beauty of the garden. A Lawn with beautiful expensive plantation but unattended grass is like wearing expensive attire with unpolished shoes. Grass maintaining is a very expensive and difficult work because it is highly unorganized labor intensive task requiring so many inputs which add in the annual comprehensive maintaining cost of your garden.

To get rid of all above install Ambrogio Robot in your Garden and Forget.
Ambrogio Robot Grass Cutters were launched in India by Pal N Paul Incorporation in 2015 and since then it is the most advanced, established and powerful Robot Lawn Mower in India Market which is available in 18 models up to Lawn Size 20000 sq mtr (5 Acres). Ambrogio Robot is Lithium Ion Battery powered which recharges by itself. Features like Rain Sensing, IOT Platform and Mulching cutting which converts grass clippings to natural fertilizer and spreads in the lawn itself. With Ambrogio Robot you get considerable saving in the water required for irrigation used by conventional grass cutting system. Short Payback Period, Compatible as per Indian usage and Environmental conditions, User friendly Settings, Range of different models and many other features makes it a favorable choice by the MNCs, Hotels, Large mfg. companies, Corporates sector, Domestic Buyers and similar industries.