Cleaning of Kitchen Smoke Extraction and Air-Conditioning systems is a tedious and difficult task, without a doubt. We know how hard it is to carry out these tasks manually and, for this very reason, the principal objective of Pal N Paul Incorporation is to automate them in order to make things easier for operators and save them time and money.
When a kitchen ventilation system is not well maintained and cleaned, the equipment needs to work harder to function correctly. Regular fan, vent, duct and extractor cleaning removes the build-up of grease and other contaminants and allows the equipment to function at its optimal capacity.
Excessive and prologed delay in cleaning of greasy material can lead producing some gases which are colour and odourless that can lead to severe poisoning and potential death, if an individual is exposed to high levels, that blocked commercial kitchen extractors and ductworks can increase this risk, if the extracting element fails to remove this noxious gas sufficiently from a commercial kitchen.
Clean Ducts and Hoods ensures overall kitchen hygiene. Only a hygienic kitchen can deliver hygienic food to their customers.

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