All Robot Swimming Pool Cleaners

Don’t consider a clean looking water in a pool is really clean and hygienic. Pool Cleaning hygiene is a very important subject as it directly relates to our health. Be is a domestic or commercial pool if left unattended, only 1 day is enough to destroy the water. Although many techniques are available and followed to clean the pool, somehow these are bit effective all require following pre-defined cleaning cycles, manpower, machines, other equipment etc. All adds us in the annual maintenance cost with hygiene always at question.

Pal N Paul Incorporation launched NEMH2O Robot Pool Cleaner in 2016, since then it is the 1st choice of the Pool Owners who want their pools always maintained without involving any manual intervention. Cordless Nemo Robot is a Battery powered Robot whose charging system is set up in the water itself. 365 days in water ensures ultimate cleanliness with the ease of App based setting module made available as standard for every Robot.