BWT Aquabot Robot Pool Cleaner - MAGNUM

General Information
An affordable and reliable Robotic Pool Cleaner by Pal N Paul Incorporation, designed to take the drudgery out of cleaning commercial pools of any shape up to 25 m long, compatible with all pool finishes.

For a clean pool floor and sparkling water every time
The BWT Aquabot Magnum PVA uses a smart navigation algorithm to scan the pool and compute the optimum path to efficiently remove all dirt and debris from the pool floor without wasting any time.

Affordability, reliability, and simplicity
The BWT Aquabot Magnum PVA offers commercial pool owners an affordable solution with all the benefits of its advanced and proven features. It was designed with pool owners in mind, and is easy to handle and clean – making pool maintenance so much easier than before. Now you can just sit back, relax, and let the Magnum PVA do all the work for you!

Product Price ₹424,999.00
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Technical Details
Product Features
Pool type Mid-​sized commercial pools up to 25m long
Surface type Any shape, any surface
Wall climbing Yes
Filter loading Easy clip bottom access
Cleaning cycle duration 3, 4, 5 hours
Filter type 4D hyperfine microfibre XL bag
Brushes 4 PVA brushes
Dimensions 390mm x 530mm x 260mm
Swivel Anti-​tangle handle
Filtration <19 m³/h
Internal timer Yes
Full filter indicator Yes
Power supply 230V / 180W
Platform Dual drive motors, single pump
Cable length 36 m
Infrared sensor Yes
Remote control Yes
Transport / Storage accessory Exclusive trolley
Warrantee 2 years


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