IndiBOT Commercial Robot Cleaner IBRVC-Alpha Pro

IndiBOT Commercial Robot Cleaner automatically executes mopping tasks through unmanned driving technology, relying on SLAM robot autonomous positioning and navigation technology, Lidar + 3D camera collision avoidance design, precise navigation and positioning, providing smarter and more environmentally friendly Cleaning service supports the setting of timed cleaning tasks, replacing labor with robots, improving cleaning efficiency and quality. The large laser area of 40,000 square meters can easily handle various complex large scenes. It has obvious advantages such as simple operation, comfortable use, high efficiency and speed, etc. It has become the new favorite of large-scale commercial establishments, hospitals, hotels, high-speed railway stations and other fields.

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Cleaning Principal:
The three-in-one design of mopping, vacuuming and sweeping can independently plan the cleaning path. The “弓”-shaped mopping along the wall provides a more complete coverage and solves the cleaning problems of ground water stains, stains, dust, and paper scraps. The 386mm  wide absorbent sponge roller is made of special polymer absorbent material, so that the floor will not damage the ground, and it will dry when it is dragged, which can meet the requirements of floor cleaning in many industries.

Sterilize the floor: Built-in UVC ultraviolet light can sterilize the mopping module and the floor, making aseptic mopping and washing more hygienic. (Open the lid and automatically turn off the lights to avoid injury)

Working principle: The roller brush effectively rolls up ground garbage (such as paper scraps, melon seed shells) through physical transmission, and automatically sucks into the vacuum box inside the robot. It has a built-in water circulation filter system. The water-absorbing sponge roller moppes the ground. The robot background is real-time Display data such as positioning, power and mileage.

Water circulation filtration, UVC ultraviolet + ground disinfection
IndiBOT Robot Cleaner Adopt 15L large water tank, original water circulation automatic filtration system, purify sewage, reduce the frequency of water exchange, save water resources, UVC ultraviolet ground disinfection, mopping and ground disinfection are carried out at the same time. It supports 40,000 square meters of large-area map construction to meet the cleaning needs of various occasions, and can replace manual ground cleaning tasks in high-risk environments.

Major Specifications
Product Name IndiBOT Commercial Robot Cleaner
Model No IBRVC-Alpha Pro
Area Capacity 40000 sq mt
Water tank volume 15L
Cleaning route “弓”Walking path
Cleaning speed 0.2~0.4m/s
Type of battery Lithium Ion 37 V 20800mAh
Minimum pass width 900mm
Charging Type Automatic at Charging Station
Charging time 3~4 hrs
Battery life 4~6 hrs
Cleaning mode Standard
Way of working Custom, automatic cycle, manual cleaning
Display size 7 inches
App Control Wifi App
Rated power of whole machine 130W
Rated Voltage & Frequency 220-230V 50Hz
UV lamp power 11W
Net weight 50 kg
Product size (L*W*H) 684mm*500mm*600mm

According to actual needs, multi-line lidar (16-line lidar) can be selected for 200-meter precision ranging,3D modeling and environment perception, which can detect obstacles that are easily penetrated by lasers such as glass

Operation steps:
1. Connect to the network, make the cleaning robot and the computer in the same local area network, enter the IP address, and log in to the background of the robot operation
2. Turn on the mapping mode, remotely control the robot to walk, recognize the surrounding environment, and build a navigation map
Lidar accurately measures the distance, observes the positioning status of the robot in real time, and checks whether the positioning coordinates are accurate
3. Edit maps, build virtual walls, customize cleaning areas, and robots automatically perform mopping tasks
When performing cross-region mopping tasks, the robots must be on the same map and on the same floor
4. Log in to the background address of the robot, you can view the robot running data, power, mileage, location and other information, easy to operate


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