IndiBOT Robot Facade Cleaner-IndiBOT SkyWASH MICRO

Contactless Cleaning System:

Automatic Cleaning System consisting of Building Roof Support System, Cleaning Unit, Water Supply System, Guide Support System and Control Panel. Real Time Camera Navigation Streaming along with Uninterrupted Internet Supply Hardware with Android Tablet PC for Live Viewing the cleaning performance. IndiBOT SkyWASH Robot Facade Cleaner Series can clean all kinds of Glass Facades, ACP Penal, Marble, Cladding and other Cemented Facades.
IndiBOT (100% Made in India) is the best Façade Cleaner in the World Market which gets compatible for cleaning for almost all kind of buildings. Availability is in 4 variants i.e. for 7, 15, 30 and 50 storied buildings.

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IndiBOT SkyWASH MICRO Model is a Fully Automatic Facade Cleaning System which uses High Pressure Water Jet Cleaning Technology. IndiBOT SkyWASH Robot Facade Cleaner sprays high pressure water on the Façade which in return removes whole dust, dirt, bird droppings etc. from the building surface.
An Automated Façade Cleaning System, consisting of Cleaning Unit, mounted on Roof Top Rig along with other parts & accessories as required. It is a safe and economical way to clean the windows, frames and exterior of the buildings. Using this affordable automated system, with 2 persons you can clean not only windows but also whole building. Weighing just 30 kg (Cleaning Unit) which is easy to transport in small truck for using at multiple locations. We designed it to be simple to understand and operate and completely modern using different kind of sensors to make it safe for operation. Quick release functionality make the operator to quickly maneuvered and shifting from one place to other. We used lightweight Powder Coated Rigid Stainless Steel Structure which does not get rusty in long term usage. Provision of side arms with soft balloon wheels in combination to the Guide Support System prevent the Robot to collide with Building Glass preventing it to break.

Favorable Pay Back Period: Short Pay Back Period duration encourage both Real Estate Companies as well as Facility Management companies to invest in the latest IndiBOT Facade Cleaner Robots. IndiBOT Robot Facade Cleaners not only provide Safe Working Environment but also reduce comprehensive maintaining cost/service cost.

Use it on Multiple Buildings: IndiBOT SkyWASH is designed to use at different locations. This is the biggest advantage of IndiBOT Robot Facade Cleaners. After completing the job on one building whole system can be shifted to another building on a small truck. This advantage is very important aspect for the Real Estate Companies and Service companies which encourage them to invest in IndiBOT Facade Cleaning Robots. There is no need to buy building specific multiple Robots!!

Model SkyWASH Micro
Climbing Capacity (3.5 m each floor) Up to 7 Floors
Size of Cleaning Chamber (diameter) 2.5′
Cleaning Width (ft) 2.5′
Climbing Sensors Available
Obstacle Sensors Available
Roof Top Rig with Climbing Winch Available
Water Supply System Available
Cleaning Unit/Hanging Unit Available
Control Panel (Dedicated) Available
Guide Support System Available
Ground Support System Available
Wire Rope, Rig Counter Weights, Ground Support Counter Weights, High Pressure Hose, Water Storage Tank, Electrical Connection Cables, Spare Parts, Tool Kit and other Accessories Available
Stabilizing Fan Available
Façade Protection System Available
Live Cleaning Video wifi Camera Optional
4G Dongle Optional
Android Tablet PC with App Optional
App Control Via Cell Phone Optional
Air Knife Optional
Wired Remote Control Optional
Wireless Remote Control Optional
Max Cleaning Capacity/day (sq ft) 8 hrs 43000
Avg. Cleaning/day 8 hrs (sq ft) +/- 10% 25000

Images of the Robot:

Scenario of  Customization depending upon Building Design & Architecture:
The Std. Design of the IndiBOT SkyWASH Robot Façade Cleaners works on contactless cleaning method. High Pressure RO/Soft/DI water is supplied to the cleaning unit and Cleaning Nozzles spray it on the facade resulting ultra clean shining facade surface. Sometimes old buildings have their own cleaning system which was deployed right at the time of the construction. IndiBOT SkyWASH Robot Facade Cleaner can be customized to make it compatible with the existing Cleaning system to make it commercially viable for the clients.


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