IndiBOT Robot Glass Cleaner IBRGC3

India’s Only Robot with Glass Scrubbing + Wiping Action in the Single Machine
(With Patented Oscillating Pad for Scrubbing)

IndiBOT Robot Glass Cleaner IBRGC3 is the 1st and only Robot Glass Cleaner in India to have Dual Cleaning Action, Glass Rubbing as well as Glass Wiping. In same machine we have incorporated an Oscillating Pad which rubs the glass and back side of machine gives wiping effect. Very powerful suction, Default Suction Cup for safety of operator and machine as default

Product Price ₹56,999.00
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Area Measurement Yes
Path Management Yes
Frameless Glass Cleaning Yes with Multiple Edge Sensors
Edge Cleaning Yes
Returning to Origin Yes
Obstacle Sensors Yes
Anti Fall UPS and Strong Suction Cup with Thick Rope
Suction Sensors Yes
Cleaning of Frame Glasses Yes
Auto Cleaning Mode 3 (N, Z & N+Z )
Two In One Functionality
Glass Rubbing With Oscillating Pad which scrubs the Glasses
Glass Wiping With Cotton Pad
WiFi App Available
Cleaning Functions
Cleaning Pattern It cleans from top to bottom in a back-and-forth pattern at a speed of 2.4 min/sq mtr.
Glass Thickness Compatibility (mm) Any Thickness
Frameless Glass Cleaning Can be used to clean frameless windows such glass doors, etc.
Cleaning Stage 3 stage. Wipe, Mop, Wipe
Glass Window Cleaning Yes
Glass Door Cleaning Yes
Glass Mirror Cleaning Yes
Thermopane Glass Cleaning Yes
Glass Guard Railings and Glass Shower Stalls Cleaning Yes
Cleaning Area 1 sq mtr/min
Plain Glass Cleaning Variable according to customer choice
Working speed 2.4 Min/m²
Working noise (db) Less than 62dB
Temperature range Do not use the Appliance in extremely hot or cold environments (below 0℃/32℉or above 40℃/104 ℉)
Working Time Unlimited as connected to mains. Battery is just a back up
Battery Type Lithium Ion
UPS Available
Suction Power 3500 Pa
UPS Back Up (min) 20
IOT Platform Available
Noise Level db 75
Additional Anti Drop Suction Cup and Rope
Mobility With Power Cord for higher working area. The cord measures 12 ft
Mopping Pad 2 Sets Mops. 200 Times Washable
Remote Control
Remote control Range for window cleaner Works on RF. Working range 10 m. Better Performance is within 2m


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