IndiBOT Robot Vacuum Cleaner IBRVC3

The Simplicity Redefined

Pal N Paul Incorporation brings in IndiBOT IBRVC3 Robot Vacuum Cleaner. IBRVC3 Robot Vacuum Cleaner is the best suited Robot for the customers who love simplicity with economy. No programming required, preprogrammed interface enables the one to use his/her Robot with a simple CLICK AND GO!!

Product Price ₹15,449.00
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Parameter Value
Area Handling  Capacity sq ft 1000
Battery Type Lithium lon
Charging Mode Manual
Battery Size mAh 1500
Cleaning Modes Random, Spot and Edge
Charging Time (min) 180
Working Time (min) 60
Suction Power (Pa) 1000
Dry Vacuum Cleaning Available
Remote Control Not Required
Obstacle Crossing (mm) 15
Wet Mopping Available
Anti Fall Available
Sensing Technology Infra Red
Side Brush Type Tangle Free
Dust Bin Size (ml) 300
Water Tank Capacity (ml) 100
Weight (kg) 1.2


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