Robot Air Duct Cleaner-AIRBOT ONE

Robotic Duct Cleaning

Robotic Duct Cleaning is the new trend in Air Duct Cleaning Industry. Robot Duct Cleaner system is very useful for Property Owners, AMC companies or anyone who wish to inspect, clean and spray commercial, industrial and residential ventilation systems. It is designed to improve the quality of cleaning ventilation ducts by removing the dirt, debris and other contaminants of the air. Air Duct Cleaning is a very important subject which directly relates to human health. Quality of Air Supplied by the Air Conditioner, specially in Centrally Air Conditioned Buildings depends upon the ducts condition, Air quantity and quality would be better cleaner where ducts are cleaned at regular intervals. On the other hand Cleaning of Ducts is a challenge for the Building Owners as well as for Maintenance Companies. High labour intensive job requires human expertise for the job to take place.

Product Price ₹970,000.00
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AIRBOT ONE Robot is the 1st Robot in India certified by NADCA. 3 in 1 Application System which makes AIRBOT ONE to do Duct Inspection, Cleaning and Coating job from the same Robot. Airbot One is capable of doing job in tiny ducts of size 7″x7″ to large Ducts of 36″x36″. Once it is put into the duct it is ready to go for the job, main control unit remains outside which contains Control Panel, Air Pressure Adjustment and Motion Control Mechanism. Robot is equipped with Front and Back Camera for surveillance, while in motion camera give real time video of the ducts from inside. High Pressure Air and Brushes are used to Clean the ducts by blowing the dust away from the Robot unit.

Robot weight 5.75 Kg / 12.65 Lbs
Robot measurments (LxWxH) 10’’ X 6.75’’ X 6.5’’
Working Capacity in Ducts (Size inches) 7″ to 36″
Camera Angle of vision 170 Degrees
Number of cameras 2 (front and back)
Electrical wire and air hose 100’
Electrical wire and air hose All in 1 wire
Laptop Connectivity Compatible with all Windows and Mac Pcs with USB connectivity
Recording software (One Seat provided) Debut NCH Software
Robot wheels Aluminium 7075
Traction and friction of robot Timing belt
Lights 4 Leds lights adjustable
Hardcase Nanuk 935
Hardcase Authorized as a carry-on by airlines Yes
Voltage 110V 60Hz with 220 converter
Preasure regulator 0 – 160 Psi
Pneumatic motor 0 – 90 Psi 2700 RPM Max
Audio Microsoft micro
Set of nozzles and whips Model AL-8FO-12 and AL-3FO-12
Set of compressed air rotary brushes Model Optional
Coating Kit Optional
Vacuum Cleaner Optional


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