Robot Swimming Pool Cleaner-NEMH2O ELITE

Relax, NEMH2O will take care of everything

NEMH2O is free to move without hindrance or limitations thanks to the “wireless” technology; it recharges itself autonomously in water through induction without the need for any external intervention; (once installed) it can remain in the water all year round thanks to the possibility to use it without filter (taking advantage of the action of the large filters installed in the pool).

NEMH2O takes care all year round of the cleaning of your pool, becoming a precious ally you will not be able to do without anymore. With NEMH2O you will no longer have to deal with the cleaning of your pool and neither with the management and maintenance of the pool cleaning robot.

360° Efficacy

NEMH2O adapts to any surface, both horizontal and vertical, and it is effective for all types of bottom surfaces. It moves in small and large pools, with smooth or rough surfaces without any problems, even in the presence of corners, bends and steps. Very reliable, try it yourself


Product Price ₹525,750.00
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NEMH2O was designed by maximizing the latest technology in order to ensure maximum efficiency and effectiveness in the complete absence of noise. It is equipped with lithium-ion batteries, latest-technology turbines (brushless), belt driven by magnetic joints, perfect insulation of motors, removable parts protected by hermetic sealing, orientation sensors to optimize work, low-water level sensor. NEMH2O can be installed in 4 easy steps:  robot activation with the first charge; positioning of the charging station (under water for existing pools, retractable for pools under construction); programming of the settings; immersion of the robot in the pool. NEMh2O is programmed and updated via bluetooth, through the dedicated APP for smartphone and tablet. NEMH2O remains in water at all times and it recharges itself in complete safety. Charging occurs only when the robot is connected to the base station. 

Attractive and Innovative Design

NEMH2O contains great technological innovations, in a design that recalls the underwater world and evokes the shape of a small tracked vehicle. The robot has been selected for publication in the ADI Design Index, the most prestigious and important recognition of quality design and production of goods and services of Italian design.

NEMH2O Features

Maximum Pool Length (mt) 50
Speed on Bottom surface (mt/min) 08-12
Speed on Walls (mt/min) 8
Maximum Pool Depth (mt) 10
Filter 2 Lt, 0.5 mm
Turbines 2
Motor Type Brushless
Transmission Magnetic Joints
Lithium-Ion Battery (25.9 Volts) 13.75Ah
Charger 241 W
Inductive Charging 8A
Charging Mode Automatic
Average Charging Time 01:45
Average Working Time +-20% 02:00
Robot Weight – Incl. Batteries (Kg) 21,0
Robot Dimensions (mm) 410x460x320h
Robot Degree of protection IP68
Charge Degree of protection IP67
Out of Water Sensor Yes
Gyroscope, Encoder, Inclinometer Yes
Bluetooth Receiver Yes


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