ambrogio grass cutter robot india
The 1st and only Real Robot Grass Cutters in India for Domestic & Commercial Applications.

Domestic and Commercial Robots

We are the 1st Indian Enterprise, Awarded as “Technology Lead Business Transformation Leader of India for year 2018” by CSI India. We commercialize Artificial Intelligence is physical commodities for Indian Domestic Market. Our main products are Robot Grass Cutters, Robot Swimming Pool Cleaners, Robot Facade Cleaners, Robot Air Duct Cleaners and Robot Air Duct Cleaners. We wanted to do something new for the general public as well as the businesses, after analyzing the future needs and tough market study we ventured in to Domestic and Commercial Robotics in India. We have immense pleasure in informing that we are the 1st and only company in India offering real time Robot Grass Cutters and other Robots in India. This Robotic Lawn Mower is made in Italy by Ambrogio Robot, the biggest name in the field. Our second bestselling product is Robotic Vacuum Cleaner made by Mamibot, USA. This Floor Cleaner Robot also comes with wet mopping feature. Our other robots include glass cleaners (for glass windows & mirrors), swimming pool cleaners and duct cleaners. All all sold and serviced by experienced Dealers & Service centers located at different locations in India.

nemh2o swimming pool cleaner robot india
1st Real Swimming Pool Cleaning Robot launched in the whole World.

Featured Products

mamibot floor cleaner and glass cleaner robot india
Completely Automated Robot Vacuum Cleaner and Glass Cleaner.

From Our Customers

Wilfred Jerome
Wilfred JeromeTVS Emrald Realty
New Era of Intl. exposure is bringing new materials and techniques of construction in India. Thanks to Robots which made maintaining the properties easy. These are must for modern living.
Viplove Singla
Viplove SinglaAgarwal Prakasha
We are delighted to publish something new our magazines and papers.
Vikram Bansal
Vikram BansalIndian Importers Chamber of Commerce & Industry
I am happy to see these amazing machines in India which we were used to see in foreign nations. I congratulate to Pal N Paul Incorporation for their great efforts of modernizing the Indian society and helping creating new India.
Vijay Sharma
Vijay SharmaHim Anchal Welfare Society
After installing Robots, Lawns and Pool of our society is very well maintained. I recommend it to everyone.
Sarabjot Singh Jaggi
Sarabjot Singh JaggiJaggi City Center
2 Yrs back I bought my Robot Grass Cutter for my house. After installing all manual Grass Cutting Machines have been sent to our filling stations. I enjoy my garden in ensured privacy.
Rohit Jain
Rohit JainAmrapali Resorts
Managing a Hotel is very challenging job. Thanks to Robots for maintain our Lawns, and Glasses.
R R Suri
R R SuriDAV Public School
Great technology, Great outcome, Great products, Great people. The ambience of our campus is now much improved.
Pritam Kumar Das
Pritam Kumar DasTVS Motors
After Robot Glass Cleaners all glasses in our plant are perfectly clean. It reaches at all the corners and heights where it was impossible for manpower.
Pammi Bai
Pammi BaiPunjabi Singer
I was always wanting to have American/European Lawn at my house. After Robot Grass Cutter I got exactly same what I wished.
Bhupinder Singh
Bhupinder SinghGandhi Minocha & Company
Looking into Payback period and expensive comprehensive maintaining cost of properties, Robots for domestic applications are must.
Bashir Ahmed
Bashir AhmedClub Mahindra Resorts
Robots are must for massive chain of resorts to maintain effortlessly. Grass Cutters are simply marvelous.
lte duct cleaner robot india
Airbot One , 1st Robot in India for Inspection and Cleaning of Ducts.
skypro facade cleaner robot india
Sky Pro, a Robot to keep your building clean and beautiful.

Why Us?

Reliable Technology

The Robot Grass Cutter, Robot Vacuum Cleaner & other products we deal in come from the most trusted companies in the world.

Affordable Prices

The best product of the market is never cheap. But being authorised dealer of the top robot brands in world allows us to provide the best price.

Professional Team

Our sales team and tech support team consist of experts of their respective fields. Whatever issue you are facing can be resolved easily by us.

Complete Solutions

Over the years we have spread our operations to every part of India. We take care of everything including sales, delivery, installation, servicing, etc.

Our Dealers

PnP Inc dealers - robot grass cutter, floor cleaner, glass cleaner

With hard work and the help of our dealers we have expanded our operation in North, West, Central and South India. The rest is not too far as well. We will soon be able to get our Home Robots (grass cutters, pool cleaners, floor cleaners, glass cleaners) and Industrial Machines (airless spray painting machine, power tools) to every part of the country.

To know more about the amazing range of products we have to offer you can get in touch with a Pal and Paul Inc dealer near you. Whether you want to buy a home robot / industrial machine or just want to see one in action you can contact the nearest dealer.